Games & Links

Play musical games, learn music theory and find out fun musical facts by trying some of these recommended ideas (* note the links should open in a new tab and will take you to third party websites, where is not responsible for the content):


Flashnote Derby Game

A notation reading game that can be loaded onto iOS or android devices. Use the settings to decide the appropriate clef and note range.

A free website with theory, lessons and fun tools. Create a free account to help you track your progress.




An excellent website with all things ‘flute’. Includes free sheet music, scales info, fingering charts, articles and more!



Classcs for Kids Games for Kids





Doctor Musik

An fun and free website with some great virtual instruments and app-style games to play.



Musical Instruments: fun facts





Instruments of the Orchestra: Clasics for Kids





Discover Music History: Classic FM




Masquerade Music

This link takes you to free music theory and flute music resources,  as well as an online shop.




Woodwind Fingering Guide – Trills

A quick link to the trill pages of


Ukulaliens YouTube Channel – playalongs and tutorials

Use the link to visit the Ukulaliens YouTube channel, and use the playlists to find tutorials, chord practice routines, playalong tracks, and more!

A directory of ukulele websites, from blogs to chord dictionaries, online shops to ukulele tabs.

An interactive website for finding chords, tabs, scales and arpeggios and so much more including a tuner.


ABRSM Speedshifter

A free downloadable tool, for iOS, Windows, Android and Mac that allows you to vary the speed of audio without altering the pitch.