Why Music Matters

Why does music matter? I find that a very hard thing to put into words and I think it is certainly easier to experience why music matters, rather than to read an explanation. There are many articles published to try and explain the theory, some of which are linked below, and all of which attempt to explain the concept that music really does matter.

When I started my ‘Music Matters’ classes for babies and toddlers I was able to share my passion with families in groups. We used our little mats as props for actions and games, and they became tools for creating space and helping concentration. These, along with the musical instruments and creative resources that I used, created fun music classes where engaged minds could create sounds and respond to a wide variety of music in a range of different ways – singing, moving, playing, listening, dancing, copying….. sometimes I’m not sure why I stopped!

My weekly timetable is now filled with opportunities to work with older children, from ages 7 up to 16 years. Whilst the repertoire and teaching content of my lessons is quite different, my principle beliefs remain the same: that Music Matters

  • promotes creativity and provides an escape
  • helps to foster a love of music and sound
  • introduces mathematical concepts and patterns of sound
  • develops confidence and self-esteem
  • improves co-ordination and concentration
  • provides excellent opportunities for teamwork and interaction with peers
  • helps to develop personal and social skills
  • strengthens memory, anticipation and prediction skills – all crucial to our development
  • makes us feel happy!

Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything” ~ Plato



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