Pop-up Orchestra Summer 2024

Hooray!! It’s time for Orchestra again …. and this summer we are going to learn a dance piece called ‘Tango & Cha Cha’ ready for our Summer Music Concert at 6pm on Thursday 13th June 2024.

The rhythms can be tricky to read, but they are very catchy and repetitive …. and lots of the instruments have the same rhythms at the same time so we can all help each other 🙂

Find your parts below, and remember to speak to your instrumental teacher or to Mrs Mason if you need your music adapting (to either make it a little more challenging or a little more manageable):

You can hear the music via THIS YouTube link.

Music Parts to Download:

easy flute    flute    recorder 1    recorder 2    Ocarina&Recorder

 clarinet 1      Trumpet     French Horn Tango     French Horn Cha Cha

violin1     violin2      open string violin    open string viola      open string cello

Drumkit     percussion      Easy piano Tango    Easy Piano Cha Cha   Full Piano part

Guitar Chords      Guitar tab       Ukulele tab      Ukulele chords       Glockenspiel/Bells Cha Cha



Thursday 2nd May – Possible LUNCHTIME meeting (no instruments needed)

Thursday 16th May 3pm-4pm

Thursday 23rd May 3pm-4pm

Thursday 6th June 3pm-4pm

Thursday 13th June – during school/lunchtime (with instruments)