Teaching ‘Practise’ versus Teaching ‘Practice’

There’s nothing better than the start of a school holiday!

Full of promise, hope and expectation, the weeks stretch ahead of me as I plan what I am going to do. A fantastic combination of all the ‘To Do’ things I haven’t done, mixed in with my children’s wishlist of places to go, my husband’s wishlist of house-bound jobs that need doing and also chance to get uniforms, PE kits and other things ready for the new term that will be starting all to soon.

So why has my first ever blog got such an unusual title, when I’m chattering on about my holiday plans?

Simply because ‘Practise’ and ‘Practice’ feature very high up on my things-to-do this Easter! What is the difference? It all comes down to a matter of nouns and verbs. Firstly, my own ‘Teaching Practice’ is the collection of pupils on my weekly timetable, and the holidays present the opportunity to reflect on the previous term’s lessons. I can now plan and prepare my teaching for the lessons in the new term ahead. Exams, concerts, new music to teach and invoices to send out are just the start of my list.

But secondly, the holidays give me time for something I miss greatly in my termly routine! Holidays are the chance to get my own practise done – to dust off some of the repertoire that I haven’t played for a while and indulge in a little time to myself and my own music. Heaven!

So whilst I prepare for my own ‘Teaching Practice’, I will also find time for my own practise as well, and hope that others find the time for theirs amongst their other holiday plans 🙂

What will you be practising this holiday?